Poulton Neighbourhood Management

PNM was a government initiative set up to manage the rejuvenation of the Poulton area of Morecambe.
We produced many annual documents for them over the years, charting the progress of their highly beneficial projects for government officials and locals alike.

Favourite projects included:

A stylish metallic silver brochure to celebrate the creation of a new garden on the seafront, designed to stimulate interest and investment from new developers.

Their farewell publication ‘celebrating 7 years of change’. This publication was designed to demonstrate to locals how much had been achieved over the preceeding years. The client wanted it to be bright, jolly and engaging, so we used illustrations to represent the various types of people who wander along Morecambe Promenade and built the '7 years of change' phrase into each illustration.


"Working with Sinclair Design over the
last seven years has been a pleasure.
Every commission has been handled
in an extremely creative and professional manner. I would not hesitate to use Sinclair Design again and again and recommend their services wholeheartedly.”

Emma Jones
Poulton Neighbourhood Management